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Re: 'Vette

#21 Сообщение Corvette » 10 фев 2009, 18:26

[quote="quumoon"]Well, I just installed everything, I have account at myus.com so I order quite often from them, actually just got few computer parts just today... It takes approx. couple of weeks even for quite hard-to-ship parts (like my left window was broken because narcs thought they'll do something with central unit without the panel itself)... Insurance still haven't received the window (i just order used&scratched) ::68::

I don't know about that meeting? but anyway I'm waaay too busy atm, as you know the situation with the crisis and all... If there is something that I can do plz send your email address and I can tell how the myus.com thing works and what I've already found useful in U.S.


My left window glass was broken as well, the one I took it from that only second C4, because his car is apart.
So I found place where they can make it in 2-3 days, its not perfect tho, but much better than without window at all.
If you want they can make one for you. Actually I need to replace my left one because of REAL big scrathces
As I said, I didn't have prblems with small parts, but I would discuss shipping of biger parts with you.
my email is [email protected]



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