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10 ноя 2020, 12:24
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Тема: Ремонт и диагностика американских автомобилей
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Re: Ремонт и диагностика американских автомобилей

From my point of view, the speaker of the car is the most important equipment in the vehicle. And people are struggling to repair and diagnose the issue of the speakers. So to counter that issue I prefer a multimeter that not only diagnoses the issue of speakers but also diagnoses the electric issue...
09 ноя 2020, 12:07
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Тема: Raybestos тормозные колодки
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Re: Raybestos тормозные колодки

Thank you for sharing the detailed knowledge.
06 ноя 2020, 13:11
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Тема: Клуб любителей американскиx авто (ACF)
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Re: Клуб любителей американскиx авто (ACF)

Thank you for adding me to this community as I'm a car lover so very glad to join this community.